Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Play Time

Over the weekend,
I moved my second machine into the design studio
so I could work PLAY from that design wall.

double click for detail view

By the end of the day,
I had this central panel pieced and pressed!

Four orphan letters from Lynne,
a bit of pale batik from my stash,
leftover wonky HST segments from Amish Strings,
my first free pieced butterfly,
and the wonky "discards" panel.


Before I went to bed,
I had arranged the swap blocks
from Magpie Sue around the outside.

Now it is time to wait and see
how those borders evolve.

Oh ~ the possibilities!



  1. Wonderful how nice these all play together.

  2. Well don't they look fun together! I hope you get a great deal of enjoyment from playing around with them!


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