Saturday, December 20, 2014

End of the Year Wrap for Arrowheads

Continuing with the brights on black for December,
here are the final three Arrowhead blocks.

I wasn't sure how the mix would work,
but I really like them!

Here are all thirteen sets of three pinned on the design wall.
(I made an extra set of three in lime green - just in case)

Each arrowhead was pieced using nine equilateral triangles.
(cut using Accuquilt GO die number 55429)

Each individual triangle would finish at 4.25 inches.

Each unfinished composite block of 9 triangles
measures 13 inches along the three outside edges
and 11.25" from the center of the base to the top point.

This quilt from the December 2013 issue of Fat Quarterly
was the inspiration for my arrowhead blocks.

I no longer have the directions or designer information
for Enchanted Evergreens,
but I am very sure their composite triangles are not as large as mine! 

The final layout remains very much undecided,
but the blocks will become a dynamic, graphic quilt top in 2015!!

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Wishing comfort and joy for each of you!


Monday, December 15, 2014

Buttons and Bonnets - The Quilt

Buttons and Bonnets is finally finished!!

Here is a look at the back . . .  I love it!

You can read about the quilt's very humble beginnings HERE.

You can read all about Margaret's quilting process HERE.

So much to learn . . .

The finished quilt measures 66" x 86".

What a transformation!

* * *

Be back again on Saturday
with another wrap-up post
for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!


p.s.  This is an interesting read:  Why We Need a Secular-Sabbath

Saturday, December 13, 2014

End of the Year Wrap for Eclectic Goose and Umbrellas Unfurled

These are December's brights-on-black flying geese blocks.

The photo will supersize if double clicked
so you can see the scrappiness involved.

Twelve groups of blocks . . .
(four sets of four in each color group)

The geese were cut from scrappy made fabric and/or strata
using Accuquilt GO dies 55002 (D block) and 55009 (E block).

Each completed individual goose will measure 2.5 inches x 4.5 inches.

There's a general layout idea in the background,
but I won't know for sure until I start working 
on The Eclectic Goose next year.

* * *

December's brights-on-black wedges were cut from scrappy strata
for the project known as Umbrellas Unfurled.

I was pleasantly surprised how well the scrappiness works,
despite being so very, very busy.

Here is one of each color . . . 

These make me so happy!

They were cut using the template from

(I later figured out that O.Orb wedge is virtually the same size as
Marilyn Doheny's 45 degree Kaleidoscope Wedge ruler.)

Same group, turned in a different direction.

Oh, the possibilities!

Umbrellas Unfurled will be another one to work on next year.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Odds and Ends

double click to super-size

I used the six blocks left over from
to make a long skinny runner
for the top of the bookshelf in my sewing studio.

(It's very hard to take a picture of something 10" x 60" !!)

This is the back.

All from scraps/stash, this one counts as number 75
in my ongoing quest for 101 scrap/stash projects.

(click HERE for the full album)

* * *

The MRI on my right knee was done last Friday.

I saw the doctor on Monday to discuss the results.


No tear in the meniscus - 
so no surgery in the immediate future.
(that's a good thing)

Cause of the recent uproar?

Osteoarthritis and roughed cartilage.


A series of three weekly injections
to be followed by physical therapy in January.

I can deal with that!

(there's a full knee replacement in my future,
but not in the immediate future)

* * *

And my Cyber-Monday box has arrived
from Canton Village Quiltworks!!

What a feast for the eyes!

* * *

I'll be back Saturday with another RSC wrap-up post.


Monday, December 8, 2014

Family Matters

Pre-race photo taken early Saturday morning.

What race?

Alan (left) completed the 5k.

Lauren (right) completed the 5k.

Eric (center) completed the Half Marathon.

Here'a a photo of Lauren in action . . . 

And this is Eric as he neared the end of his 13+ mile run.


All three of them participated as members of Team Rhodes.

According to the newspaper Sunday morning,
over 19,000 walkers/runners participated -
with the fundraising total well over $7 million!

(every dollar matters . . . )

* * *

Congratulations to ALL of the participants!

This photo was taken later in the day
during the Beale Street Christmas Parade.

LOVE Darcy's jingle bell neckwear!!!


Saturday, December 6, 2014

End of Year Wrap for Snowballs and Nine-Patches

Each of the six projects I've been working on all year
is set up for a twelfth set of blocks . . .

So my color for the month of December will be 
brights on black.

The four scrappy snowball blocks are shown above.

This photo shows the four newest blocks on the design wall
with their alternate nine-patch blocks.

After twelve months, here are all twelve sets
of die cut scrappy snowballs  -  
four blocks in each color.

(not shown - 40 black and white nine-patches)

The blocks were cut from scrappy made fabric and/or strata
using Accuquilt GO die number 55330.

Each one will finish at 6 inches.

I'm planning an 8 x 10 layout,
so I may have some leftovers.

I'll worry about what to do with those next year!

* * *

When I first started posting these at the beginning of the year,
filled me in on New Orleans snowballs.

(Click here to read more)

That would make names for my colors/flavors include:

Cherries Jubilee
Chocolate Peanut Butter Berry Swirl
Espresso Candy Crunch
Blueberry Cobbler
Pink Squirrel 
(I just couldn't resist borrowing that name)
Grasshopper a Go Go
Orange Marmalade
Glorious Grape
Golden Sea Salt Caramel
Turquoise Sorbet


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