Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tagged - Post 3 - Gift Quilts

Today's post features quilts that have been gifted . . . 

Decadent Dreaming

This was one of my very first gift quilts,
created especially for our chocolate-loving
 older son and his then-fiance/now wife.

You can read more about the quilt's creation story HERE.

Karma and Poolside

These two were created during Vicki W's HSTeria QAL.

They were gifted to my sister and her husband last fall.

You can read more about them HERE.

Panjii (2006)

Ripple Effect (2013)

At Last (2014)

These three wedding quilts were gifted to our nephews and their brides.

You can read about Panjii HERE.

You can read about Ripple Effect HERE.

You can read about At Last HERE.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tagged Post 2 - Rescue Quilts

Today's quilts are three of my favorite rescue projects.

Each project involved a quilt that had lived out its original life.

I took each one apart and designed/created a new quilt.

Rescue quilts are a particular passion of mine . . . 
not sure why, but this part of the process is important to me.

Note:  Each collage will supersize if double-clicked.

Ongoing Conversation

The original quilt was made by Wanda.

You can read about the quilt's story HERE.
(there are additional links in that post)

Sunbonnet Sue 
(for my sister, Sue)

The original sunbonnet girls were made by my grandmother.

You can read more about this family treasure HERE and HERE.

I still get goose bumps every time I see this quilt in person . . .

Thirty Years Later 

You can read about this quilt's 30+ year journey HERE.

It now hangs at the head of our bed . . .

* * *

To see more of my rescue project quilts,
visit my Rescues and Legacies page.

There are links to the back-stories in the caption
or near each of the photos.

See the permanent link in the tabs at the top of this page 

* * *

Tomorrow I'll share some of my quilts
that have been gifted.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Tagged - Post 1 - Scrappy/String Quilts

A couple of weeks ago,
Mrs. Goodneedle tagged me on Facebook
to share three quilts a day for five days.

For those who aren't on FB,
I'll share those photos and stories here this week.
(and I'll include links to earlier reveal blog posts)

Today's quilts are representatives 
of my love for scrappy string quilts.

Amish Strings is still one of my favorites . . . 
those center wonky HST strips were inspired by Anna Williams' work
and the colors were inspired from my years living in northern Indiana
with Amish and Mennonite communities all around us.

The leftover strata sections were too wonderful to toss,
and a few years later, they were used to create True Colors.

Dumpster Diving is another of my all time favorites.

(the noisy parrot quilt from last summer)
has also joined my list of favorite string quilts.

* * *

Tomorrow, I'll share three of my favorite rescue quilt projects.


Friday, February 27, 2015

Scrappy Saturday - For the Birds

I got TOTALLY off track this week.

Instead of working on my blocks and word
for The Stroop Effect project . . . 

I lost myself in a mountain of scrappy 1.5" strips.

Last week I hinted at a layout for Just Wing It 
(my wonky free-pieced birds).

I was only going to test one foundation-free block . . .  

really  . . .

just one . . . 

But now I have all TWENTY FOUR 
of the randomly scrappy 8.5" string blocks
ready and waiting for December's layout!

(and I used a LOT of wonderful fabric that had been
languishing in the scrap boxes)

I also have a delicious pile of trimmed off scrappy corners.
(24 blocks x 4 corners = 96 to be exact)

They are safely tucked in a project box for now.
(I have an idea - but it will have to wait)

This is the general plan . . .


* * *

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

CLICK HERE to see what the others are doing
to finish up this month of PINK.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Quiet Time - The Back

The last big item on my list of February goals
was piecing the scrappy back for Quiet Time.

I am DELIGHTED to say that the back is indeed finished!

I was determined to USE some of my longest stashed fabrics . . . 

This yard has been set aside for almost 9 years!

I bought a yard of this in 2006 when I attended my first AQS show.

I had a little less than a yard of this print left from 5-6 years ago . . .

The map print and safety pins have been folded and re-folded
for close to four years now . . . 

And this music print has glared at me from the shelf
for close to four years.

* * *


Their scrappy blend of different times and places
will be the perfect back for Quiet Time.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Leaf Peeping - The Quilt

Leaf Peeping 
is finished!

(back story HERE)

Quilted by Chris Ballard

(illuminated in these photos by cold winter sunshine
reflecting off frozen icy slush)

I used leftover 1.5" strips of KF shirt stripes fabric
to piece the binding strips.

Not sure I would want to make a habit of this,
but it did work!

Chris used my much-loved Waterworld panto
and a warm golden thread.

I'm sure the daffodils will also be glad to see 
our unusual layer of frozen precipitation melt away!

In the meantime, 
I couldn't resist the icy backdrop
for this photo shoot.

(yes, our dormant grass really is khaki color this time of year)

And yes, even though I took these photos late last week,
our ground is once again coated with the icy covering this morning.

I love the texture . . . 

the colors . . . 

the design . . . 

and the scrappiness . . .

Bottom line?

I just LOVE the whole quilt!!