Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Party Hat Optional - Design Options

From the stash:  3 different color ways

The fabric reminds me of festive fireworks 
and their lingering afterglow in the night sky.

First set of four blocks sliced!

Untrimmed/oversized blocks on the design wall.
(they'll be trimmed to 10.5")

I could lay them out this way . . . 

. . . or this way . . . 

. . . or this way . . .

. . . or this way . . . .

Do you have a preference?

* * *

If you scroll back through the last couple of posts,
you'll find links to Sujata's new book
Cultural Fusion Quilts.

My Party Hat Optional project
was inspired by the book's Toran quilt.

* * *

Once I decide on a layout,
I'll share more photos!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Strings Have a Name!

The knee is still tender and I'm still in the brace,
but I can now sit and stitch left-footed!!!

There are several projects in Sujata's new book that intrigue me,
but this one sent me straight to the studio.

Those waiting strings instantly had a purpose!

* * *

I trimmed all of them to 14" lengths and started sewing pairs.

Many pairs were joined to make foursomes.

Then I chose 15 foursomes that I particularly liked.

From there, I chain-pieced single strings
onto each of the 15 blocks 
until the unit measured at least 12.5 inches.

Why 12.5 inches?  

I want to end up with 10" blocks
so I sized up the starter blocks.

I also made extra blocks so I have more choices
when it comes time to design the layout.

(mine will be smaller than the one in the book)

Here are all fifteen organic string blocks on my design wall.

(strings ranged from .75" to 2" with most in the 1" range)

You can see detail photos HERE.

* * *

I jumped in and tried making an overly-bright,
poorly-conceived, much-too-scrappy version.

The project blew up and ended up in the trash.
(sloppy workmanship is NOT okay)

Even though the project was a mess,
I loved the name . . .

* * *

I'm happy to share that my new string project 
inspired by Sujata's Toran design 
has inherited that perfect name  . . .

Party Hat Optional 

* * *

Time to go choose "sky" fabric(s) !!!


Monday, November 24, 2014

Update on the Strings . . .

Remember my Decision Made post from October? 

Since then, I've considered any number of ways to use my strings.

Another liberated wedding ring ala Gwen and Freddy?
(I made this one in 2012)

Another one like Amish Strings?


A scrappy coins quilt like this one?

Another variation of my current Rainbow Scrap Challenge project
known as Happy Happy Joy Joy?

(Teresa's tutorial link is in my sidebar)

Another more traditional string quilt like this one?

Or maybe even another scrappy spiderweb quilt?
(Impact Zone shown above)




and then the UPS driver left a box at my door . . .


there's a whole new plan in the works!

Too soon to share specifics but, knee permitting,
the strings will be my next stitching project !!!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Scrappy Saturday - Gold Part 4

From my string-strip stash, I pieced some golden strata.

(I know - the "real" color this month is light blue . . . 
but my projects needed GOLD)

These are the 8 wedges for the project known as Umbrellas Unfurled.

(originally inspired by Elizabeth Hartman's Octagonal Orb)

I tried them out with four of the other 2014 RSC colors . . .

Then I tried taking the group from another perspective.

I like it!!!

* * *

The final layout has not been decided upon,
but I am very sure it will not end up 

Things have happily gone much to scrappy for that!

* * *

Linking up with The Rainbow Scrap Challenge
where this month's color is light blue.

CLICK HERE to see what the others have been working on this week.

* * *

A quick update on the knee -

Three full days/nights in the brace,
any and all benefits from a cortisone shot 
and prescription strength Naproxen,
and many hours resting in the recliner have helped.

I'm not walking far or fast, but I can do more than I could!


Friday, November 21, 2014

Indulgence - the flimsy

Introducing -- 


This flimsy has been done for a while,
it just hadn't been shared here.

It is currently away with Chris for quilting.

I almost NEVER work with a single line of fabrics,
and I guess technically I didn't here 
even though I started with a fat quarter bundle . . . 

And I almost NEVER use a pattern from start to finish,
and I guess technically I didn't here either
since I used a single fabric border instead of the 
scrappy squares called for by the pattern's designer.

I've had the border fabric by Marcia Derse in my stash for eons . . .

This is the PERFECT use for it!

The main fabrics are from a line called PAINT

I fell head over heels in love when I saw the first sneak peeks earlier this year.

I felt a bit guilty about buying a FQ bundle,
but this one is SO ALL ABOUT the fabrics . . .

The flimsy measures 56 x 68 (give or take)
and was created using the Sassy Sixteen pattern 
designed by Kimberly Camou.

This is the scrappy back --

4 yards of a second long-stashed Marcia Derse purple,
plus the last of the front's border fabric,
the not-used-for-the-borders scrappy squares,
and the remains of the tonal FQs I used to make scrappy binding.

* * *



Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Red and Cream Update


This is one of the blocks created using strata
pieced together from strips D and E.

* * *

I still don't have a name for this project.

A name will announce itself soon . . . I hope!

There are 15 five-inch blocks in the photo.

All 20 of these windowpane blocks are done, too!
(nine of them in the photo)

They were made with the 3.5" squares
and strata pieced using strips C and D.

* * *

I am really happy about the way my fabric choices are working!!

Next are the 2 different blocks using strips A and B.

* * *

things in the studio have to slow down for a while.

My right knee is having a problem, 
which complicates a LOT of things.

Dr. F. suspects a small tear in the meniscus -
not because of a fall or an "event"
but from my OA roughened cartilage.

Rough surfaces do not glide -
then tend to catch and rub -
which leads to irritation -
which leads to . . . 

Glad I have a few projects already stitched 
for sharing in the next couple of weeks!