Monday, September 15, 2014

What an Adventure!

On the way to Chattanooga for AQS Quilt Week,
DH and I stopped at Rock City in Lookout Mountain, Georgia.

Of course, we HAD to take these silly photos . . . 

There was A LOT of this . . .

. . . and some truly breathtaking views.

I'm actually pretty proud of myself --
I'm not afraid of heights, but they can and often do make me queasy.

Where we live, we're less than 350 feet above sea level.

Rock City rises to roughly 1,700 feet above sea level.

Not like the Rockies, but enough difference that we could feel it.

This was the biggie . . .

I walked across the swinging bridge!
(with a few white knuckles along the way)

This man and his wife kindly waited for me.

He was even more nervous about crossing than I was!

This is one of the many, many views from Lover's Leap.

Notice that little platform that sticks out into thin air?

I had to ease my way out, but I did it!

This was the reward . . . 

Looking back towards Lover's Leap
and a beautiful waterfall.

On our way out, we climbed another gazillion steps
after working our way through "Fat Man Squeeze."

double click to enlarge for easier reading

And for those who might wonder why all of this was important . . .

This sign explains so much!


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Scrappy Saturday - Orange Part 2

This is the project box for the quilt-to-be I'm calling Fruit Loops.

I found the inspiration idea/pattern in a back issue of Fat Quarterly
but only time will tell whether I follow those directions
or wander off on my own . . .

These are September's pieces and parts cut from that giant piece of strata.

I also cut this month's wedges from the strata.

DH helped me figure out how to 
use the white balance settings on my camera -
I guess he got tired of hearing me complain
that my camera didn't like reds and oranges.

I confirmed that the wedge I've been using
(from the Octagonal Orb pattern)
is almost identical in size to this ruler from my stash.

Hmmmmm . . . .

And I just couldn't resist playing with these!

* * *

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Click HERE to see what the others are up to this week.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

See Rock City - AQS Chattanooga

Nancy saw See Rock City at AQS Lancaster . . . 

Teresa took her first selfie with See Rock City in Paducah . . .

Sue saw See Rock City in Phoenix . . .

AND in Paducah!

Debbie sent me this photo of See Rock City from AQS Charlotte.

Cherie and I met up with each other in Paducah
where she took this photo . . .

* * *

See Rock City, the quilt, will be at AQS Chattanooga this weekend.

If you see it there,
please take your photo with SRC and send it to me!

* * *

Lynne's Black Box will also be there.

I know she'd love a photo of you with her quilt, too!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Hop Around the World - My Turn

Create With Abandon - 2014

Last week, Mari of The Academic Quilter
posted as part of the Hop Around the World blog tour.

She asked for volunteers to participate this week and I raised my hand.

So did Bernie and Needle and Foot.
Her post is also up today.

* * *

Here's how Mari introduced herself last week:

"I'm Mari (rhymes with sorry, in case you're wondering) 
and I'm a college professor whose main distraction is quilting. 
I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Wisconsin with the hubster, 
who does not sew but understands my need to do so. 
Our three grown children have flown the coop, 
so now I have a sewing room to keep all my thready mess."

Thanks, Mari -- now it is my turn!

AQS Paducah - April 2014 with See Rock City

I am Julie -- aka Quiltdivajulie.

I've been actively making quilts since 2004
and I am IN LOVE with the process.

I am married to DH.
(nearly 40 years now)

He is an engineer and an artist --
you can see some of his work HERE.

We have two adult sons and an amazing daughter-in-law.

* * *

Detail from Taking Flight - 2013

As part of the tour, I have tagged (with their permissions) 
three wonderful, interesting, and talented women 
who will share their posts next Monday --

Lynne and Millie (the cat)

Lynne Tyler who blogs at The Patchery Menagerie

Debbie and her mom at Quilted Threads, Henniker NH

Debbie Voigt who blogs at From The Strawberry Patch

Quilt made by Sue for yours truly

Sue Brown who blogs at From The Magpie's Nest

* * *

They'll each answer these same four questions - their way.

1.  What Am I Working On?

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

4.  How does my writing/creating process work?

I'm certain their posts will be very interesting 
so I hope you'll visit to see what they have going on!

* * *

And now -- without further ado -- here's my story!

* * *

My Studio Spirit Doll and My White Coat

What am I working on?

This fall season is going to be a busy one,
so I've lined up several projects 
that will allow me to sit and sew as time permits.

There are others lurking in the wings, but these are the top four.
(at least for now)

One project  involves lots of four patches made using mini-charms
from several new lines as well as from my stash.

Remember my recent vow not to over-purchase fabrics I like?

I'm using small sets of pre-cuts in order to "sample" and "taste test" 
instead of ordering a seven-course meal . . .

This quilt-to-be has been named Leaf Peeping.

I have it completely cut out and ready to stitch,
but I will not be attending the two LQS class sessions after all.

Other things of higher priority have caused that plan to change.

Pretty sure I can figure it out how to put the quilt together 
and if I can't I'll make it my own way!

These fabrics will become a two-color scrappy log cabin.

Thank goodness for my die cutter!

The tomato pincushion yardage is for the backing.

I'm also participating in this year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Each month I've been making pieces and parts 
for what will become six different quilts during 2015.

I've given each of the projects a name --

Umbrellas Unfurled

The Eclectic Goose

Snowballs and Nine-Patches

Fruit Loops

Happy Happy Joy Joy (tutorial link in sidebar)


Arrowheads (shown above)

* * *

Gotta Love It (the back) - 2012

I really am happiest as a scrappy quilter!

* * *

Spirit Song - 2010

My responses to Questions 2, 3, and 4 have been combined below . . .

"colorfully liberated, authentic, eclectic, and in love with the process - that's me."

(from my blog profile)

* * *

Dumpster Diving - 2011

I posted about being liberated in September 2011 - CLICK HERE.

Scrappy Spools - 2013

Other previous peeks into my process are listed here:

Dancing Star (part of Tonya's liberated quilt challenge) - CLICK HERE

How to piece a scrappy back (from Gotta Love It) - CLICK HERE

Creativity Challenge - CLICK HERE

On Creative Ruts - CLICK HERE

Shirley's Journey - one of my rescue quilts

A 1/23/2014 post titled 'What Lies Beneath' 
shares a lot about my how and why - 

What Lies Beneath - 2014

Three other previous posts offer even more insight into who I am
and how/why I work the way I do:

Thinking Thursday (1/7/2010) - CLICK HERE

Thoughtful Tuesday (6/14/2011) - CLICK HERE


With a Little Help From My Friends (9/3/2011) - CLICK HERE

Sessanta Stelle - 2013 (with a LOT of help from my friends)

If you're still curious about what I do,
please check out the other pages within my blog.

The links are in the sidebar at the top of this page.

I do hope you found at least some of this interesting . . . 

* * *

Don't forget to visit Lynne and Debbie and Sue next week!


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Scrappy Saturday - Let the ORANGE Begin

From this rather unassuming pile of scraps . . . 

came this WOF x 46" made-fabric strata

(SO happy to finally have a great way to use those gloriously random 2.5" strips)


this group of smallish scraps
that may or may not end up being used.

* * *

Over the next week, I'll finish stitching the small scraps together
and begin making pieces and parts for my September RSC projects:

Umbrellas Unfurled (wedges)
The Eclectic Goose 
Fruit Loops
Snowballs and Nine Patches
Happy Happy Joy Joy

But more on that next week!

* * *

Linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

Click HERE to see what orange-y things are going on elsewhere!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Favor for a Friend

A while back, Chris sent me this photo
and asked if I would be willing 
to piece a quilt top for her.

My answer?

Of course!

Once I sorted her fabrics, this is what I saw.


After a lot of rotary cutting and stitching of 2.5" strips,
I had this stack of 25 freshly-pressed scrappy strata.

Another round of sub-cutting yielded this . . . 

Within a couple of days,  the flimsy was done.

Picnic at the Beach (named by Chris)
measures 53" x 63"

Pattern Info:
Picnic in the Park from Sweet Jane's

The colors are just wonderful!

I also pieced a scrappy back for her
using the last of the batik squares.

The best part?

She LOVES it!